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The Scienc of Capital Markets

Building Portfolios Based on the Science of Capital Markets

TruNorth Capital's process is a rooted in a systematic, quantitative model research. Decades of research guide the way.  We blend world class, academically proven research to create low-cost, diversified strategies focused on our clients' success. 

Investing 1.0
Investing 2.0
Index & Target
Date Funds
  • Attempts to identify mispricing in securities on a consistent basis.

  • Prediction-based approach that relies on forecasting techniques to pick securities and/or time markets.

  • Often generates higher expenses, trading costs, and excess risk.

  • Allows commercial benchmarks to define strategy.

  • Tethered to a benchmark, reducing flexibility.

  • Cookie-cutter approach.


Investing 3.0
The Science of 
Capital Markets
  • Believe  that securities are fairly priced and diversification is essential.

  • Gain insights about markets and returns from academic research.

  • Structure portfolios in asset classes with the potential for optimal returns based on evidence-based outcomes.


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