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Frequently Asked Questions


Is TruNorth a commission-compensated financial advisor or “Broker-Dealer ”?


No. TruNorth Capital Management, LLC (TruNorth) is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  We are fiduciaries, not salespeople like other financial advisors.  We manage assets in your best interest, not motivated by sales commissions.


Does TruNorth hold the assets of its clients?


No. TruNorth is not a custodian of customer funds.  Assets of our clients are held at qualified custodians, namely Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab) and TIAA.  Schwab and TIAA are industry-leaders with the stability, experience and trusted commitment our clients deserve.


How does TruNorth manage money?



We use diversified, global portfolio strategies based on pure, unconflicted advice and unbiased, academically-validated indexing strategies. Unlike many other investment firms, you won't see TruNorth forecast the markets, actively pick stocks, or charge high fees - strategies which financial science and real practice proves negatively affects investment results.  Years of market data and robust investment research shows that these typical strategies create risks that investors aren't compensated for taking. Innovative portfolio design and low costs backed by unbiased research delivers market-driven investment results so more investors earn the financial future they deserve.



Does TruNorth try to "time" the market?


We are long-term investors, not prophets. Financial science reveals that investment forecasts and active stock picking managers are usually wrong and underperform what the market already provides to investors.  Today's modern financial theory tells us that higher expected returns are achieved when intelligent, structured investment strategies are pursued for the long-run and not based on intuition and predictions.


Why do fees matter so much for better investment management? 


Average investment management fees are taking too much money from investors.  It’s something many financial advisors would prefer that you did not know.  Major improvements in index products and efficient technology, supported by expert long-term data research shows the greater benefits of using low-cost investment strategies. Investment advisers work more efficiently today than ever before,  but most still don't pass on savings to you. This is wrong.  With investment management fees as low as  0.25%, portfolio science, and intelligent investment strategies, our interests are aligned with clients to help increase asset growth opportunities over time. 



Who ownes TruNorth? 


TruNorth is proud to be an employee-owned Investment Advisory Firm. 

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