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We're Not Just Another Investment Advisor


If you are looking for a financial advisor that is truly focused on your success, TruNorth Capital Management, LLC (TruNorth) is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and is proud to be employee-owned. The firm's co-founders have spent decades working with clients to help them experience new levels of success in their investing and personal lives. We use diversified, global portfolio strategies based on pure, un-conflicted advice and unbiased, academically-validated investment strategies.  We are not conflicted by impure stock picking or artificial market-timing driven by emotion.  Most important of all, we're proud that we can provide remarkable services with some of the lowest investment advisory fees in our industry. 



Whether you are an individual investor, sponsor of a retirement plan or one of its participants, our mission is to relentlessly pursue perfect investment performance for you.



Our vision is a world where your investment success is not cheated by high costs, under-performance and conflicts of interest. Most investors experience worse financial outcomes because of high-fee financial advisors and underperforming investment strategies that are made worse by emotion, conflicts of interest, biases and erroneous intuitions that drive forecasting. At TruNorth, our unbiased investment standards use systematic, proven strategies to help increase expected returns, lower risk and reduce taxes so you can spend more time living your life - and less time worrying about your financial future.


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