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Perfecting Investment Services

Wealth Management Reinvented
Low Cost | Transparent | Goals-Based Planning

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Who Does TruNorth Work With?

We work with people that are uncomfortable with traditional, high-fee advisors and want to increase the probability of their success. We dedicate resources to things that benefit our clients.  We rely on client referrals to promote our services. We don’t spend money on overpriced sponsorship's, entertainment expenses, or third-party marketing. We are not here to entertain you. Rather, our low overhead and cost consciousness allows us to offer the services clients want, with the expertise and results that clients need, at a fraction of the cost other wealth management firms charge.

Need a Retirement Checkup?

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Perfecting Investment Services
Set Your Risk Tolerance

The first step is to answer a few questions that cover topics such as portfolio size, top financial goals, and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. Then we’ll pinpoint your exact risk tolerance to guide our decision-making process.

Perfecting Investment Services
Goals-Based Planning

Our investment philosophy is based on academically validated portfolio science to drive intelligent investment and "goals-based" financial planning strategies - all designed to improve your financial security.  

Perfecting Investment Services
Low Fee Advisory Services

We use maximum global diversification with targeted weighting to asset classes that offer the optimal blend of investments to increase returns and lower risk. We use high quality, low-cost, exchange-traded and mutual funds from top providers to deliver performance.

Maximize Your Earnings

Not Your Fees

We focus on delivering to you more of what the markets already provide in growth and returns at a lower cost.  

Save more from every dollar you invest with advisory fees as low as 0.10%.

Assets Under Management:

First $2 Million

$2 Million - $10 Million

Over $10 Million

*Annual Fee:




*Minimum Fee of $1,250 per calendar quarter/

Perfecting Investment Services

We Eat Our Own Cooking

At TruNorth Capital, we are invested with you.  We invest our clients' assets the way we invest our own. There's no better way for us to align our interests and sit on the same side of the desk as our clients.

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